Twins Yemen

ActionAid - Somaliland

Twins Yemen is a co-operation between Twins and Tamdeen Youth Foundation

Tamdeen Youth Foundation (TYF) is a non-profit organization providing humanitarian assistance in Yemen

Yemen’s children are caught up in a war that is not of their making

Twins Yemen is a new project in its pilot phase.

Fighting from the civil war has reduced Al Wahda Milat School to a ruin.

This project was inspired by a report from the BBC’s correspondent Orla Guerin, which was produced by Claire Read and Suaad Al-Salahi, with filming and editing by Goktay Koraltan. The need so clearly evident in that moving report was reason enough, but the leadership shown by a remarkable young man, Ahmed Rageeb, provided yet further inspiration.

Please visit the page for donations for Al Wahda Milat School on JG Logo - Twins

Every penny donated through that page is spent directly on improving facilities at Al Wahda Milat School and quality of life for its children. Nothing whatsoever is taken by Twins for administration. All expenditure is carried out according to strict controls by Tamdeen Youth Foundation, supported by UNICEF and the Yemen Education Coordination Cluster.