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Twins Pakistan is a co-operation between Twins and DIL Trust UK

DIL Trust UK is a charity dedicated to providing quality education to disadvantaged children, especially girls, by establishing and operating schools in the underdeveloped regions of Pakistan.

Only 42% of Pakistani children are enrolled in schools. Less than half of those enrolled complete five years of schooling.

Schools in Pakistan have very few of the sort of teaching resources and other equipment that are plentiful in most United Kingdom schools

Twins Pakistan is a new project in its pilot phase.

In due course, the project will be expanded to cover a large number of schools similar to the almost two hundred schools twinned through Twins Sri Lanka.

A relatively small amount of money goes a long way in providing IT equipment to children in Pakistan.

Temperatures in areas of Pakistan can frequently rise above 46ºC (115ºF) between May and August. A water cooler or solar powered fan can make a huge difference to the conditions in which children learn.

Find out more about what your school can do for children in Pakistan

Schools Currently Twinned

 Moor Park, Shropshire – DIL Mehran, Karachi

Moor Park School near Ludlow in Shropshire is twinned with the DIL Mehran School in the Orangi area of Karachi.

Please see Moor Park’s page on VMG Logo - Twins

Stanhope House, Stowe – APS Kot Diji, Sindh

Stanhope House, a girls’ boarding house at Stowe School in Buckinghamshire, is twinned with APS Kot Diji in Sindh Province.

Please see Stanhope House’s page on VMG Logo - Twins

Boston St. Nicholas School, Lincolnshire – DIL Junior 6 School, Karachi

Boston St. Nicholas School in Lincolnshire is twinned with DIL 6 Junior School in Karachi.

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